OneTrust on TCF Ruling – What to expect in the coming weeks/months

beeler.brief onetrust Feb 25, 2022
In this Beeler.Brief, Alex Cash from OneTrust gives us his take on what to expect in the coming weeks and months after the TCF ruling.
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Understanding that publishers have a number of avenues and options to evaluate, it's also important to know what to expect in the coming weeks and months as the legal process continues. One of the requirements from the regulators was for IAB Europe to present a remediation plan to the Data Protection Authority in Belgium by, I believe, the 2nd of April. And what we found out on the 11th of February was that IAB Europe did confirm they will be appealing the decision to the Belgian Market Court. Now, that does not actually impact the timeline for the remediation plan being due, unless they decide to uphold the challenge from IAB Europe, so we are expecting that their remediation plan will need to be presented by that deadline.

IAB Europe is working furiously on this, setting up task forces and groups to tackle some of the changes that are going to need to be proposed to TCF itself, but I think that It is fair to say is that there will be a period of time between submission of the remediation plan and response from the regulators where we will be really much waiting to see what happens. But the response to that remediation plan I think will hopefully finally give us a lot of clarity on what to truly expect out of this ruling, whether TCF itself can be brought into compliance or whether publishers really do need to look at other opportunities and other configurations and deployments of their ad technologies and by extension their CMPs as well.

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