August 1: What. A. Day. Beans. Are. Spilled.

Aug 01, 2022

It was about a year ago that I was talking with the amazing Jill James, my business advisor, and it was clear that to accomplish all the things I wanted to do for the community we support, Melissa and I needed help. The first step was to unleash Nicholas who continues to grow each month. He hasn't backed down from any challenge we've thrown his way. We brought on Annie to help and continue to add to Jeff's plate. That got us through Base Camp. But Base Camp was about pushing things to the next level, and we weren't going to be able to do that without some expert help.

Fortunately for us, the planets aligned, and not one, but two amazing people decided to join us on our mission. Today is a new chapter for Beeler.Tech.

Amanda Forgione is our Head of Marketing and Communications. Apparently, marketing is more than putting your logo on merch. Who knew? More important than helping with our brand, Amanda is going to bring her marketing and event experience to our clients. 

Dayna Moon is the Head of Customer Success, a role fit for someone who has seen the digital marketing space evolve over the last 18 years. Prior to joining Beeler.Tech, Dayna has held several international marketing and business development roles for companies such as AOL, Sprint, Pubmatic, as well as similar roles with agencies including 3Q Digital, and Responsemine. 

Not all of you understand what Beeler.Tech is or does. We're not consultants in the traditional way. We're not an event company. We're Beeler.Tech and with these two amazing women joining the team, I honestly can't say what our ceiling is. I see even better support of our community. I see new us offering even more value to our partners. But how these two help define who we are and what we do, I couldn't be more excited.

Welcome Amanda and Dayna to the Beeler.Tech team. Your mugs are in the mail. :)

See you at the Crossroads...

Publisher Revenue Crossroads, that is.

More beans being spilled (and even more to come in the coming weeks)!

We’re excited to announce that we’re hosting our first ever Publisher Revenue Crossroads event on October 20 in New York City. Mark your calendars. The plan is to spend the day together discussing the strategic role that direct sold media sales plays for publishers’ revenue strategy. The conversations will be about more than operations and delve into sales, product, client services and more.

Like Base Camp, this event will be invite only and limited capacity. Can't wait for your invite? Want to see if you're invited? Reply to this email and we'll follow up.

Quick Take: Google's announcement

The big news last week was Google granting temporary clemency to 3p cookies. Lots of speculation as to the motives behind the move, the timing, etc. 

My take: damned if you do, damned if you don't. The fact is our industry needs a serious do-over and 3p cookies is only one piece of that puzzle. Don't get me wrong – it's a big piece. While I'd love to pull off the band-aid and see what happens, it's hard to blame any company for wanting a bit more certainty about what the future holds.

Key for me is that some of the conversations continue. As I wrote in AdExchanger this past week, publishers must continue to build trust with their audience. We as an industry have to build trust amongst ourselves. We are judged by the weakest links in the chain and that doesn't bode well for anyone.

Q4 just became much easier to focus on, knowing that the junk food diet of 3p cookies will keep digital advertising's sugar high going. However, it's time to start figuring out what eating healthy is. Don't let Google hitting the pause button stop you from going in the right direction.

Mentorship Program

The mentorship application window has closed, we’ll now begin to match mentors and mentees. If you applied to the program, expect an email from us connecting you to your match the first week of September. A Mentorship Program kickoff call will be held the following week.

Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs

Tech layoffs are accelerating. Let’s be sure to help one another as much as possible. If you’re looking for your next opportunity, check our job board regularly.
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Current job listings

Director, Partner Success and Solutions - Expedia Group
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Director of Brand Partnerships - NYC - LoveToKnow Media - Remote US/Canada
Senior Manager, Ad Operations, CTV & Social - Trusted Media Brands - Remote
Account Manager - The Arena Group - Remote

Let’s celebrate Cynopsis 2022 Top Women in Media

  • Stephanie Mazzamaro in the Data & Research Trendsetters category!
  • Caitlin Fulford in the Operations Front Runners category!
  • Sandra Baez in the Operations Front Runners category!
  • Lori Tavoularis in the Tech Leaders category!

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Job Seeker #86
New York based AdTech professional with over 5 years of experience in Programmatic and Measurement/Analytics. Proven track record in driving media plans across DV360 and planning measurement and data strategy for multimillion dollar clients. Previously he worked with Accenture and Google Operations. Looking for full time opportunities. 


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