Aug 8: Righting the Wrongs of the Past

Aug 08, 2022

This past week was chock full o' meetings introducing our two newest team members, Amanda and Dayna, to our partners and the community. They've had an immediate impact on what Beeler.Tech can and will do in the future. It's so exciting to have them join the crew.

But don't call us a gang.

Most of you probably don't know the history of my family. It's fully documented for the world to see and yet history never tells our side of the story.

The Beeler Gang had a plan. If they took the sheriff's son, Tommy, they could make the sheriff resign and make $10,000 in the process. I have to admit that Stan Beeler made a mistake the day he abducted Tommy – there are more lawful ways to influence local politics than to resort to kidnapping. But to Stan, he was doing the right thing for HIS FAMILY! I would have done the same.

But in comes the Lone Ranger disguised as a doctor (entrapment!) and manipulates Stan into revealing where the Beelers were holding sick Tommy.

I'm getting too emotional to tell this story. Watch the Lone Ranger account of what happened, but remember it's HIS telling of the story:

Since this ugly incident in my family's history has happened, we've seen the Lone Ranger's legacy fade. The racism is striking but also his record as an employer who never offered Tonto benefits while it's clear he's a full-time employee.

But the stigma of "The Beeler Gang" remains. We're a crew. A posse. A team. But until history is rewritten, don't call us a gang.

Publisher Revenue Crossroads

Ideas and best practices for how publishers can drive revenue through direct-sold media sales

On October 20, we're hosting an invite-only one-day event focused on nothing but direct-sold and programmatic direct. We'll talk through the process from quote to cash and everything in between. The day will be Base Camp style, focusing on roundtable discussions on very specific topics. Collaboration is the call to action as we all work on growing revenue and efficiency at the same time.
We think you'd benefit from participating if you're in sales, client service, account management, or operations. You'll have the opportunity to take part in collaborative roundtable discussions with your peers as we discuss direct-sold media sales' strategic role in publishers' revenue strategy. Reach out to us if you're interested in attending

Beeler.Cast Episode 208 with Neutronian

ICYMI: Lisa Abousaleh, Chief Client Officer and Co-Founder of Neutronian, and George Mani, Senior Sales and Business Development Advisor at Neutronian spoke with Rob Beeler about the latest in data quality verification.

Click here to listen to/watch the podcast

Opportunity awaits

New roles have been added this week. STN Video is hiring a Director of Programmatic Partnerships. Expedia Group Media Solutions is looking for its next VP of Technology. Are you a good fit, or do you know someone who is? Check out the listings here.

Hiring? Please list the opening on our job board. There’s no cost, and you might just help someone from this community find their next role.

Salary Survey Update

The much-anticipated salary survey will be released at the end of this month. Woohoo! Looking at the data we captured, we see some interesting insights that we can’t wait to share with this community. 

One thing is clear: we need to work together as an industry to create more standardized job titles. This will help make it easier for employees to negotiate rates and for employers to source the right person for the jobs on their team. More to come on how we accomplish that.

Beeler.Brief: How, Why, and When would a Publisher use a clean room

The workflow of how media is transacted is changing for good. In under three minutes, hear about Optable’s solution for helping publishers activate their first-party data in a safe, secure, and compliant manner for brands.

Watch this Beeler.Brief from Optable here

OMS Requirements Scorecard

Choosing an OMS is no small undertaking. It’s a big job, with implications for nearly every branch of your business. While each business is different, this scorecard was developed to help you consider important areas of your business. 

From there, you can create a checklist that reflects the unique requirements of each stakeholder group. The requirements you define can then be turned into an RFP for the vendors in your initial consideration set.

If you’re considering a new order management system, this OMS Requirements Scorecard can help in your decision-making process

Chats in our Slack

  • Curacity? Innovarxi? Aarki? Anyone work with them?
  • How much stock do you (and your advertisers) put into digital display viewability?
  • ​proper way to target not-NPA users exclusively in GAM?
  • encrypted signal sharing
  • LiveIntent/GAM integration
  • Apple DSP

Job seekers

We're not recruiters, but we help people find their next opportunity. Learn more.

Job Seeker #89

PA based professional with 10 + years of digital marketing experience looking for a full time, remote position in digital marketing. Has experience with various platforms including Salesforce, Google Ad Manager, Nativo, Teads, LiveIntent, Thinknear, DV360, Xandr and The Trade Desk. In the 10 + years in the industry has worked on multiple client accounts scheduling various products into various ad servers.

Industry events

August 9: AdAge Leading Women 
August 9 - 10: Digital Summit NYC 2022
August 12: Beeler.Tech Weekly Virtual Happy Hour
August 14 - 17: AdMonsters Publisher Forum Montreal - Rob and Melissa will be there! 
August 18 - 19: Digital Summit Minneapolis 2022
August 19: Beeler.Tech Weekly Virtual Happy Hour
August 23: Sounds Profitable Business Leaders Summit
August 24 - 27: Data & Programmatic Insider Summit 
August 24 - 25: Digital Summit Boston 2022
August 24 - 25: DigiMarCon New Zealand 2022
October 20: Beeler.Tech Publisher Revenue Crossroads - DM for Deets


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