April 18: This is where I work: the model for dystopia

Apr 18, 2022

Imagine my excitement when watching Severance to recognize the building where it's shot. In fact, it's the Bell Works space that I'm currently working out of. Very cool!

Imagine my concern when I realized that the place I'm working is the perfect model for a dystopian society where people literally lobotomize themselves to separate work from the rest of their lives.

Fortunately my new office on the Beeler.Tech campus is almost done and I won't have to be severed anymore.

Come work with me!
Golf.com is hiring an Ad Operations Director and an Ad Operations Coordinator (DM me about the director position). Imagine... working with Beeler. Wait! did we circle back to the prison movie analogy (it's actually pretty cool).   

OMS Requirements Scorecard

Choosing an OMS is no small undertaking. It’s a big job, with implications for nearly every branch of your business. While each business is different, this scorecard was developed to help you consider important areas of your business. Download the scorecard here.  We also have a scorecard for security vendors here.


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Can't wait to see y'all in Boulder!

AdMonsters Ops is coming together nicely for June! Keynotes include (so far) Kerel Cooper, Alysia Borsa, and Amanda Martin. It's a packed 1.5 days full of ops goodness. Register today!


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  • Contextual Vendors?
  • Advertisers wanting you to implement their CMP on YOUR site? WHAT?
  • Programmatic CPMs are trending lower
  • Advertising per hour on CTV

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Campaign Manager, Ad Operations - Blavity Inc. - Remote
Associate Director, Ad Operations - Barstool Sports - New York, NY
Senior Director, Digital Ad Sales & Partnerships - Pardon - Remote
Campaign Manager - InvestmentNews - New York, NY
Revenue Operations Associate - Hive Media - Carlsbad, CA / Remote

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Job Seeker #86
New York based AdTech professional with over 5 years of experience in Programmatic and Measurement/Analytics. Proven track record in driving media plans across DV360 and planning measurement and data strategy for multimillion dollar clients. Previously he worked with Accenture and Google Operations. Currently studying master's in marketing analytics and is seeking an internship for summer in programmatic or media analytics.



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