August 29: Dialing in the Newsletter? Maybe next week.

Aug 29, 2022
Last week: my AdMonsters Announcement and the Salary Survey Guide
This week: a doc on direct-sold workflow as we prepare for Crossroads on October 20 and an in-person team meeting to plot out the rest of the year and 2023.

In other words, we've been busy for an August. Think of it as planting season for the conversations we'll be having this fall and into next year. What's the one conversation you'd like to see happen? What isn't being discussed enough or at all? Let us know: we'd like to help make that convo happen.

The Salary Survey and the direct-sold workflow doc took a lot of work – the team worked tirelessly to get these out. Thank you, team! 



New: Digital Advertising Direct-Sold Seller Workflow​

As part of Base Camp: Boulder, we uncovered the need for an operational process that publishers can use to streamline their direct-sold deals. We’ve drafted the first version of this framework, which is available for download here. 

We welcome the input of the community and plan to update this living document as needed. Please provide us feedback here.

ICYMI: 2022 Publisher Revenue Professional Salary Guide ​

The 2022 Publisher Revenue Professional Salary Guide was released last week. Download your copy of the report here!
We want your feedback on what would make the salary survey guide more useful to you as an individual or a manager. On August 30 at noon EDT, we’re hosting a discussion to talk about the survey results and to capture your feedback.
Register here!

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Beeler.Cast Episode 209: Joanna Bloor

Rob Talks with Career Futurist and ex-AdOps, Joanna Bloor, about Star Trek. Nope, we’re not talking about the trouble with tribbles, but what you can learn from Star Trek when assembling and managing your team. Joanna mentioned this in Base Camp in May and we wanted to dive in deeper on a podcast.

Listen to the podcast here


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