Beeler.Brief: Catherine Beattie on the importance of community within Ad Operations

Sep 15, 2021

Beeler.Brief: Catherine Beattie on the importance of community within Ad Ops

Catherine Beattie, Director of Digital Ad Ops at Encyclopaedia Britannica / Merriam-Webster sits down for this Beeler.Brief to talk about the importance of community in the ad ops world.

Sometimes working in ad ops can feel lonely and isolating but that's where the Beeler.Tech community comes in. Beeler.Tech has provided the ad ops world a place to gather and belong in the publisher only slack channel. It gives ad ops people a place to go for real time support, interaction, and community no matter where you are geographically. This brings many individuals together in a way that before wouldn't have been possible outside of your typical event conferences.

The best part is the more you participate the more you can get out of it. If someone isn't able to answer a question you have or solve a problem you run into, they almost certainly know someone who can. When needing to vet potential partners you can always reach out within the community to see who has worked with who and what their experience with them was. Another great feature within the community that Catherine highlights is the ability to become a job seeker if you're looking for a new job or to post a vacant role within your business to find the right candidate. 

If you are interest to learn more about the community reach out to [email protected] to learn how you can benefit from being a part of everything Beeler.Tech has to offer. 

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