Beeler.Cast: Make an Impression

Beeler.cast: Making an Impression is hosted by digital advertising veteran Rob Beeler on his quest to understand what’s next in digital advertising.  Not only will it include short and to the point interviews, Rob is going to have some fun with the podcast format. He always wanted to be a late night talk show host. Stupid human tricks are not out of the question. Let’s see where this goes…. 

Episode 101: Warren Zenna What makes a good CRO? A CRO-ready company that is aligned on long term strategy.
Episode 102: Sonali Verma Predictive Paywalls could change the way we think of subscriptions, reg walls and advertising revenue.
Episode 103: Neal Thurman and Dan Rua talk about a new pilot program focused on ad blocking and better ad experiences.
Episode 104: I catch up with SOVRN CEO Walter Knapp and talk what's really important to publishers: independence.
Episode 105: Rob Beeler My AdPushUp presentation about the people in programmatic – and where we need them most.
Episode 106: Talking white sunglasses and identity solutions with Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
Episode 107: Ben Reid and I talk about how to be convincing with data. Data needs storytellers to have any value. Tell the story!