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The pace of change is out-stripping our ability to manage it.

Too much focus is on the technology and not enough on the people.

Companies that invest in their teams will navigate the uncertainty ahead.

The Ad Operations Management Workshop focuses on the people skills of ad tech and not the tech itself. With a small class size and multiple instructors, the workshop is tailored to the attendees so they leave with action items specific to their current role and career aspirations.

Success is a manager confident in their skills, their team and their ability to bring new ideas to the company.

The workshop is designed for:

  • Potential managers who are future rockstars
  • New managers who could use a guiding hand
  • Experienced managers who are looking for new ideas

The class is designed based on 20 years of experience (see Rob Beeler’s experience) in publisher ad operations, but we believe the information shared will apply to operations-focused people who work in the digital media space, including advertising agencies, publisher and/or those in adtech. We also feel the content of the class will apply to ad operations people working in programmatic only environments. To the best of our ability, instruction will be differentiated based on the individuals signed up and their particular goals for taking the class.

Attendees will be vetted and tickets canceled if we don’t think this class is right for you.

Not sure the class is for you? Contact Beeler.Tech for more information.


The Morning Sessions 9am to 12pm: The People

Part I – Introductions and the Ops Opportunity

Following an exercise to get everyone better acquainted, we’ll delve into where operations fits in the organization and what a well managed ops team can accomplish.

Part II – Team Organization Mapping

An interactive session outlining various ops team structures and sharing best practices on managing through various scenarios.

Part III – Keeping your team on track

Discussion of best practices in retaining and motivating employees, hiring, team communication, teamwork, training and measuring performance. A recommended approach to measuring performance with KPIs will be discussed.

Lunch will be provided on-site.

Afternoon Sessions 1pm to 5pm: The Process

Part IV – Other Departments and Ops

How best to work with other departments including sales, management, product, IT, finance, legal, editorial and marketing.

Part V – Evaluating your departmental processes

Working session detailing how to do gap analysis and process mapping. Strategies for optimizing processes will be shared.

Part VI – Vendor Management best practices

Tips and tricks for making partners work for you.

Part VII – Industry trends to follow

A panel of senior people in the industry will share their thoughts on what to focus on and what not to. The panel will also share their management best practices and experiences.

Part VIII – Wrap up

As a group share what from the day we’re going to go back and work with our managers to implement.


Is this a publisher only event?

No. We actually hope for a diverse set of publisher, ad tech and agency operations managers to attend. Hearing new perspectives will inspire new ideas.

How operations focused is the content?

Very. For general management training, I suggest starting with subscribing to the Harvard Business Review. This class is specific to the digital media operations world.

What if I’m not a manager?

The class will be relevant if you understand ad operations and see management in the future. Obviously, it’ll be hard to take specific action steps back to your job, but this class can set you on the path to a management position. Ad Operations Basics (Excel, Charles, Data, Yield) will be covered in a different class. Let us know if that’s what you’re interested in.

I want to sell! Sell! Sell!

Totally appreciate your desire to talk to ad operations people and hawk your product, but it ain’t happening. This is a pitch-free zone. Selling may result in expulsion without refund.