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April is when things got signed. May is when things started to really get in motion and of course there was Ops.

Recap of May

AdTech Down the Shore – After years of threatening to do it, I finally invited some industry people from central Jersey to meet up down the shore and it’s defintely something we will be doing again. I’m in the process of setting up the next one so contact me if you’d like to attend. If you’re coming down to the Jersey Shore this summer, let me know.

Research: I’ve been waiting to add Managing Editor of Market Research for the 614 Group to my LinkedIn until an actual research project materialized and that happened in April. I won’t name names yet on the project but very excited to be involved in a potential game changer in the ad tech space. May was the set up, June is when the surveying starts, so stay tuned.

Articles – In May I published an article on AdMonsters about the Ops conference and what has changed (and stayed the same) in the past 8 years. I also published on AdTechVillage an interview with Jeremy Steinberg of the Weather Company and a call to the industry to finally grow up. Please subscribe to the MediaVillage newsletters. 

#winningpub – I’ve partnered with Sovrn to explore what it means to win as a publisher. Here’s the blog post explaining the journey I’m on. The experiment includes using the Sovrn forums to create an ongoing discussion. Please take a look.

Consulting – May saw me lock down two consulting clients. One engagement is an overall look at the ad tech stack and to help coach a junior ad operations person and make them into a senior manager. That’s more forte. My other engagement is a bit more challenging as I’m doing some yield optimization work. I’m quickly learning I know more than I thought and at the same time I haven’t touched these systems in awhile. This old dog learns new tricks though.

Training – Other than the training included with my consulting engagement, I haven’t conducted any classes in May…but that’s going to change in a big way. See below!

Personal – On a personal level, May saw me get back to the gym with Orange Theory Fitness which I highly recommend checking out. I also went golfing for the first time in a long time. This video should give you an idea of my success:

Looking ahead to June and July


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