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April is the month things started to turn from talk into actual projects and it’s only getting more real heading into May.

Recap on April

AdTechVillage: My column on MediaVillage (called AdTechVillage) debuted in April with my take on Brand Safety and MarTech vs. AdTech. Please subscribe to the MediaVillage newsletters to keep up to date on my articles.

Research: I’ve been waiting to add Managing Editor of Market Research for the 614 Group to my LinkedIn until an actual research project materialized and that happened in April. I won’t name names yet on the project but very excited to be involved in a potential game changer in the ad tech space.

Ask Me Anything: On April 13th, I spent a couple of hours answering questions on the Sovrn forum (read through it here). As much as I’m focused on ad tech and digital media, I’m equally focused on content and conversation and I’m always exploring new ways to engage. The AMA model is interesting and I can see how it works in certain cases but I’m going to expand on the concept further in May. Stay tuned for my work on #winningpub content. Thanks Sovrn for the AMA!

OpsX – DC: I’m glad this year we’re hitting the road and bringing AdMonsters to new markets in the form of OpsX. April saw us go to DC and it was quite the reunion with some AdMonsters oldtimers there that I didn’t expect to see (and who didn’t know I’d be there either.

IX Open: Had the pleasure of being the emcee at Index Exchange’s inaugural event for their clients. I’m getting great feedback and hope to do more work like that in the future!

Looking ahead to May


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